Make A Dialogues Based On The Example! Task Buatlah Dialog Dialog Berikut Berdasarkan Contohl Example: 1Vivi Do Your Homework On Page 84/What Did You Say Teacher: Teacher Vivi 2 Reska Don’t Forget To Bring Ruler/ Can You Repeat Teacher 30 Teacher Reska 3 Rafly Go To A Library And Turn Off The Lamp /What Did You Say Teacher Put The Books On The Shelf/Can You Repeat Teacher: “Lina, Please Put The Books On The Shelf!” “Sorry, Can You Repeat, Please?” Teacher: “Sure, Please Put The Books On The Shelf!” Dina :”Yes, Sit.” Dina Teacher Rafly Clean Your Bedroom Before You Leave / Can You Repeat Mother Anna Mother Anna 5 Tasya Mother Tasya Check The Tap In The Toilet/What Did You Say Mother: Reading Read The Dialogue Carefully! Bacalah Dialog Berikut Dengan Cermat! Task Salman: “Will You Come To Watch Football Match In Dimas’s House Tonight? Fariz :”I Don’t Know.” “Don’t Be Affraid To Try What Yo (Jangan Takut Untuk Mencoba And

Pertanyaan : Make a dialogues based on the example! TASK Buatlah dialog dialog berikut berdasarkan contohl Example: 1Vivi Do your … [Baca Selengkapnya]

Task 2 Boby Dimas Complete The Dialogue With The Correct Answer In The Box And Practice In Front Of The Class! Lengkapilah Dialog Berikut Dengan Jawaban Di Dalam Kotak Dan Praktikkan Di Depan Kelas! Boby Dimas “Hello Dimas. Look At My New Cap. I Made It By (1) : “Hello, Boby. Hey, That’s (2) Isn’t That Your Old Cap? The One That We Bought One (3) : “Yeah, That’s Right.” : “(4) Boby : “Sorry, What Did You (5) Dimas : “How Did You Do That, Boby?” Boby Did You Do That?” Ago?” : “Oh, First, I Just Added Some Colorful Buttons. Then, Four Glittery Beads.” Dimas : “You’re Very Creative.” : “Thanks Dimas.” Boby A. Year B. C Myself Say Nice E. How D.

Pertanyaan : TASK 2 Boby Dimas Complete the dialogue with the correct answer in the box and practice in front … [Baca Selengkapnya]

Listen To Your Teacher And Answer These Questions! Task 3 Dengarkan Gurumu Dan Jawablah Pertanyaan-Pertanyaan Berikut! Ratna Salsa “What Is Your Opinion About My Picture?” “Wow, Amazing! I Think It Is Very Beautiful And Colorful. I Think You Have A Talent As A Designer. Ratna “Thank You. By The Way, Have You Finished Your Homework?” Salsa “Not Yet. I Have A Problem About It. Can You Help Me?” Ratna: “Okay. No Problem. What Do You Think Of Mathematics?” Salsa I Think Mathematics Is Difficult. What About You?” Ratna: “I Think Mathematics Is Easy, Because It’s One Of My Favorite Subject Questions: 1. What Is Salsa’s Opinion About Ratna’s Picture? Answer: 2. Does Salsa Think That Ratna Has A Talent As A Writer? Answer: 3. Has Salsa Finished Her Homework? Answer: 4. What Does Salsa Think About Mathematics? Answer: 5. Why Does Ratna Think That Mathematics Is Easy? Answer: Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 “Hope Is The Key To Achieve All Your Dreams.” (Harapan Adalah Kunci Untuk Meraih Semua Mimpimu.) 27

Pertanyaan : Listen to your teacher and answer these questions! TASK 3 Dengarkan gurumu dan jawablah pertanyaan-pertanyaan berikut! Ratna Salsa … [Baca Selengkapnya]